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Tile Trends - Bathroom Tile, Kitchen Tile, Wall Tile

We Are Putting More and More of Our Customers Into Cement.

In a good way, of course. We're talking beautiful cement tiles for floors, walls, every room in the house and outdoor areas too. Cement or Encaustic tiles, as they are called, are highly artistic handmade products that are created, one at a time. Shaped with specially crafted molds, the tiles are a blend of Portland cement, mineral pigments and fine aggregates. This mixture is poured into different chambers then topped with regular gray cement. The blend of pigmented cement and regular cement is placed under a hydraulic press that solidifies and creates one tile. Encaustic tiles are cured with water and fresh air making them environmentally friendly.

With their unique patterns and color palates, cement tiles have actually been around for centuries. For good reason. Whether you choose a pattern that's Geometric, Traditional, Moroccan, Contemporary, Floral, or Modern, they are a distinctive and an outstanding addition to any room. Come by Canyon Tile & Cement to see why more and more of our customers are getting into cement.